10 Ways to Style Your Kaftan Dress for Different Occasions

Whether you’re heading to a casual brunch, a bridal shower, or a bring-a-dish outdoor BBQ party, the kaftan dress can help you work the occasion. Just dress it up or dress it down, and you’re good to go.

But how do you dress it up or down? Let’s check out ten ways you can style your kaftan dress.

1. Pair it with sandals for a beach day

If you’re going on a beach walk or picnic with your partner but aren’t in the mood to swim because the ocean’s too cold, style your kaftan dress with open-toed what-ever-color-you-like sandals to achieve that effortless beachy vibe.

2. Accessorize with a belt for a fitted look

A belt is a curvy woman’s weapon. If you look like a box of cereal when wearing your kaftan, highlight that gorgeous waist using a belt. You can make it as wide, loose, slim, thick, textured, or smooth as can be.

3. Layer with a blazer for a professional finish

If you’re wearing a kaftan in your office (because you’re sweating bullets or just for the hell of it), pair it with a light lawn blazer. Just make sure your kaftan can help you wick away the heat and sweat before you go for another layer. If not, there are a million kaftan dresses online!

4. Go with a denim jacket for a trendy casual look

When the weather and your girls get in the mood for a backyard BBQ, getting some casual but aesthetic pictures is a must. And only wearing a kaftan over jeans (or without) won’t do. That’s where a denim jacket comes in.

It’ll add texture to your look, especially if your kaftan is made from a silky and swishy material. But if denim is a no-go, you can’t go wrong with a canvas coat or a leather jacket.

5. Choose a maxi-length kaftan for a black-tie event

Kaftans can be as gorgeous and show-stopping as designer-inspired women dresses. You just need to know how to make them work.

And if you’re wearing a kaftan to a black-tie event, not making it silky, solid color, and floor-length is a crime.

6. Dress it up with strappy heels for a romantic look

While not comfy, strappy heels are the height of romance, especially if you’re dressing up for your one only. 

So, if you’re going on a date but want to keep it casual, pair a solid color kaftan — you can get on that’s bold, patterned, or printed if you want — with tall or short, strappy heels.

7. Accessorize with delicate jewelry for added glam

Jewelry can add a shine to your face that only comes from wearing gold or silver. If you feel something’s missing from your look, pair your kaftan with some drop earrings, a chain, delicate bangles, or rings to add some oomph.

And if you’re feeling bold, go for some chunky gold earrings or string at least three chains around your neck. One is too little.

8. Turn heads with a plunging or detailed back

Let’s be real: not everybody can pull off a plunging back, especially when that zit refuses to park itself other than smack-dab in the middle of your back. But if you can and are looking to turn some heads and keep them turned, go for it.

However, if a plunging back isn’t in the cards, why not go with some stunning back work? Something like see-through French lace, crisscrossing ribbons, jeweled embroidery, or ruched satin? The options are endless!

9. Work it over a collared shirt  

A layered look is cozy, casual, and professional combined in one. So, if it’s raining outside and you aren’t in the mood to dress up, layering your kaftan over a collared shirt can help you mark the professional and style checks off your list.

10. Style it with a scarf

An eye-catching, patterned silk scarf around your check can elevate even the most drab looks. So, if your kaftan is a little too black, pair it with a gorgeous scarf around your neck. Elaborate, simple, or knotted, your scarf will complete the look whatever way you decide to work it.

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