From Day to Night: Transitioning Your Look with Long Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses aren’t “frumpy,” “too long,” or “make you look like a grandma.” If you style them the right way, bold, simple, and designer-inspired long maxi dresses can take you from the girl-next-door to a supermodel.

And doing that isn’t as hard as you think.

Wondering how to start? Let’s look at seven ways you can work your maxi dress for any occasion.         

1. Layer with a denim jacket to add a touch of edge

While a denim jacket doesn’t sound much, it adds that pinch of much-needed oomph to your maxi dress. For instance, if you’re wearing a solid color satin maxi dress with an empire waist, adding a waist-length denim jacket will pull attention to your waist and make you look taller.

Plus, if you have larger hips, the jacket will balance out your shoulders, helping you achieve that on-trend hourglass figure everybody’s sporting.

2. Add a belt to cinch and define your silhouette

If you’re looking to embrace your rocking bod’, add a hint of your personality to your outfit, and let your style shine, a belt can help you get from lovely to jaw-dropping. It’s a subtle detail that makes all the difference.

Plus, if your maxi dress is a little too loose, a belt can add some magic to your dress. So, the next time you purchase women dresses online and go for a maxi dress, don’t hesitate to grab a belt to take your style to the next level.

3. Pair your dress with a shirt

If you’re going for a brunch date or a weekend outing with friends, you can combine comfy with chic by layering your maxi dress with a shirt. Whether denim, chambray, or silk, the contrast between the softness of your maxi dress and the sharp angles of your shirt will create an eye-catching combo that’ll turn heads.

Plus, a shirt combo is versatility galore — because you can choose to button it or leave it halfway open for a relaxed look. There are so many ways to add some edge, street-style chic, and casual coolness to your OOTD with a dressy shirt!

4. Layer it with a cozy knit sweater or cardigan

If it’s cold outside and you become a popsicle three minutes outside, layering your maxi dress with a cozy knit sweater or cardigan will help you keep warm while adding visual interest and depth to your outfit, making you look put-together.

Plus, you can easily take the sweater or cardigan off if the sun decides to shine a little brighter or the clouds clear up. It’s the perfect blend of cozy yet fashionable that’s the hallmark of chic comfort.

5. Accessorize your maxi dress for a bohemian-inspired look

Nothing is more bohemian — or eclectic — than maxi dresses. But if you’re going for a boring black, dressing it up with some accessories can take your outfit from simple to stunning, making it a true fashion statement.

For instance, you could add visual interest to your look by adding a wide-brimmed floppy hat, layering on some chunky beaded necklaces, statement rings, and stacked bracelets (one is enough), and fringed sandals to complement the flowy nature of your maxi dress.   

6. Wear a cropped or fitted blazer

If you love dresses and want to wear one to work, pair it with a cropped or fitted blazer. It’ll cinch at the waist and add definition, creating an elegant and balanced look. Plus, it gives off an air of I-mean-business, which is great if you’re going to work.

And that isn’t all. You can style your blazer any way you like — open, closed, buttoned, or rolled up. You can’t go any more practical while maintaining a fashionable edge.

7. Style your maxi dress with a statement scarf

If adding bling or layering too many clothes isn’t your style, you can elevate your look with a statement scarf that oozes high-fashion vibes.

Plus, if you’re attending an event or going out in the hot weather, a scarf will keep you breezy while remaining stylish.

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